Experience the Adrenaline Rush at Wild Waters – The Ultimate Water & Amusement Theme Park in Hyderabad

Thrills and Chills at The Wild Waters Hyderabad

Wild Waters Water Park | Image Credit

Wild Waters Water & Amusement Theme Park, located in Shankarpalli is an expansive 30-acre paradise with a record-breaking 50 wet and dry rides, entertainment options, and food courts offering local and international cuisines. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling water ride, a dry thrill ride, an amusement ride, or just a fun-filled family day out, Wild Waters has something for everyone.

Park Timings:

Monday – Friday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tuesday – Closed
Saturday – Sunday/Public Holidays: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Note: Water rides close by 6:00 PM on all days


Wild Waters
Sy.No.125, Masaniguda Village
Shankarpally, Ranga Reddy Dist.
Hyderabad – 501203

Contact Number



Entry Fees:

Weekdays – Rs. 1099/-
Weekend – Rs. 1299/-

Weekdays – Rs. 879/-
Weekends – Rs. 1039/-

Senior Citizens:
Weekdays – Rs. 824/-
Weekends – Rs. 974/-

College Students:
Weekdays – Rs. 879/-
Weekends – Rs. 1039/-

Senior Citizens: Photo Identification and proof of age (60 years or older) is required to purchase Senior Citizen tickets.
College Students: Need to display the original college ID at the gate to receive the college student offer.
Children: Children who are between 90 cm and 140 cm tall can receive a child ticket. Entry is free for those who are below 90 cm and those above 140 cm must pay the adult ticket rate.

After-hours entry fee rates (4 PM onwards) on Weekends and Public Holidays

Rs. 779/-

Rs. 623/-

Senior Citizens:
Rs. 584/-

College Students:
Rs. 623/-

Things to Note:

• Only costumes made from Polyester or Nylon are permitted in Water Rides.
• For safety, avoid wearing loose ornaments, glasses, and footwear when using water rides. Additionally, loose clothing and footwear are not permitted on Adventure and Amusement rides.
• For your safety and the safety of other visitors, wearing scarves or shawls while riding is not allowed.
• You can purchase swimming costumes at the park.
• There is no Re-Entry
• Certain rides may have height and weight restrictions.

Why visit the Wild Waters Hyderabad?

If you are looking for an unforgettable family outing that will make for lasting memories for years to come, then Wild Waters Hyderabad should be your top choice. Located at the outskirts of Hyderabad within driving distance, this one-of-a-kind amusement park is a great place to spend your days with family and friends.
Here are 6 reasons why you should visit this incredible theme park:

  1. Variety of Rides – Wild Waters Water & Amusement Theme Park boasts a great selection of rides, suitable for all ages. From small attractions like the Family Carousel to high-thrill rides like the Harakiri to Backlash, there’s something for everyone.
  2. Water Park – Cool off in the state-of-the-art water park, featuring an array of pools and slides. With the temperature rising in Hyderabad, Wild Waters provides the perfect respite from the heat!
  3. Adventure Zone – If you’re looking to add an element of adventure to your visit, the Adventure Zone is the place to be. With an array of Carousels, Ferris Wheels, and zip-lines, you’re sure to get your adrenaline pumping.
  4. Food & Drink – To keep your energy up while you’re here, there are plenty of restaurants and snack kiosks throughout the park. And of course, there’s no shortage of drinks to cool you down!
  5. Group Activities – Wild Waters provides plenty of group activities, perfect for school trips and corporate events.
  6. Affordable – Wild Waters Water & Amusement Theme Park offers tickets at an affordable rate, so no one has to miss out on the fun!

Water Rides

Take the plunge and get ready for an adrenaline-filled day with the water rides! You get to choose from 21 thrilling wet rides to enjoy, such as Paradise Beach, with its powerful waves or speed down the slides with plenty of twists and turns. For a more laid-back experience, you can float along the Crazy River surrounded by a tropical jungle. Get your tube, feel the rush, and let the water take you on an unforgettable adventure.

Family Rides

Paradise Beach | Image credit

Paradise Beach – Experience a cool beach getaway in 16000 square feet wave pool! Featuring varying wave speeds, a long sandy beach area, a coconut grove, and tropical landscaping, this exhilarating environment will make your day truly unforgettable.

Rain Disco – Covering over 3000 square feet, the Rain Disco provides entertainment with its music and synchronized showers. Rain disco is also a great way to beat the summer heat and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Pirates Cove – Pirates Cove is ideal for the whole family, featuring 6 adult and 6 kids slides ranging from 21 feet to 6 feet in height and design, plus a child-friendly pool, tilting cones, showers and two giant buckets which tip over large amounts of water every 4-5 minutes, causing spontaneous outbursts of laughter and excitement.

Aqua Play – It’s time to let the little ones have a blast at this aqua play area designed just for kids. It has 5 different play structures, including 3 slides for them to have fun sliding down into the shallow, child-safe pool.

Crazy River – Experience an exhilarating ride on a 600-foot-long Crazy River! Complete with a tropical jungle landscape that creates rapid waves that lift and push you around. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Wave Rider – Feel the rush of excitement and fear as you plunge down the 240-foot Wave Rider, starting from a 40-foot high tower and dropping you down hills at speeds up to 40 km/h, as if riding a wave! Higher and scarier, it’s an exhilarating experience!

Free Fall – Experience a thrilling 220-foot Free Fall from a 40-foot tower, plummeting at speeds of up to 50 km per hour!

Matt Racer – Experience the thrill of Matt Racer! This 240 feet long ride takes you up to 40 feet high, then drops you face down as you slide on a mat, racing downhill and uphill at speeds up to 50 km per hour with your friends.

Tornado – Experience the thrilling twists and turns of the 300ft Tornado slide – 40ft up in the air before plunging into a deep tub of water!

Voyage – Embark on an exhilarating journey with Voyage, a 500-foot raft slide that can fit up to 4 people! Ride down the open tube with twists, loops and turns that speed you along at an exciting pace. Bring your friends and experience the thrill and fun of this group ride!

Rapids at the Wild Waters | Image credit

Rapids – Rafting on Rapids, a 240-foot water slide is an exhilarating experience for the whole family. With room for up to four, you’ll be taken downhill and uphill, and then float on the water tub until you reach the bottom. Enjoy the ride and the view!

Thrill Rides:

Loop Racer – Experience the Loop Racer Rider, soaring up to 40 feet high and dropping you face down at speeds of up to 50 km per hour. Glide on a matt through a 260 feet long circular tube, twisting and turning through uphill and downhill sections.

Twister – Experience the thrilling ride of Twister – a 325ft long enclosed tunnel slide, dropping from a height of 40ft and winding through twists and turns, before splashing into a deep pool of water.

Hurricane – Ride a two-person tube down a closed tunnel and experience speeds of over 45 km per hour with four or five thrilling near-vertical spins, all ending in a giant cone-shaped funnel.

Cyclone – Experience the thrill of being launched into a giant bowl, where the force of nature keeps you stuck to the wall before you plunge into the pool below.

Pendulum | Image credit

Pendulum – Riding the two-person float, you make your way through a winding tunnel before suddenly dropping into a wide U-shaped slide. You swing up and down like a pendulum several times, before your journey comes to a gentle end.

Backlash – Riding a two-person tube, the float gently glides through an open passageway, before suddenly plunging into a wide half-circle tunnel. Up and down, the slide sends its occupants flying before they re-emerge back into the open passage. After a few more twists and turns, the tube gradually comes to a stop.

Loop Coaster – Experience the thrills of a roller coaster ride on water with our 400-foot-long open tube slide! Our three loops of over 100 feet each will take you through thrilling twists, turns, and drops as you sit in our two-seater tubes and float into the open slide. Enjoy the Loop Coaster’s exciting journey!

Tunnel | Image credit

Tunnel – Take an incredible journey in a two-seater tube with the Tunnel Ride! Experience the thrilling rush of going through open and closed slides as well as huge cylinders, soaring up to 40 feet high. A wild adventure for those with a daring spirit!

Harakiri – It is a two-person float slide that takes you on an exciting journey of uphill, downhill, and even gravity-defying momentum. Once you reach the bottom, you will be carried further, gliding along the water tub for as far as you can go.

Boomerang – Feel the rush as you take off from 40 feet in the air on the Boomerang, a thrilling water ride! Experience a moment of weightlessness as you are shot up and down the walls at a speed of up to 45 km/h, before plunging into a large water tub. Enjoy the excitement of sliding through a closed tunnel and into a large boomerang-shaped slide!

Land Rides:

Step into Wild Waters Amusement Zone, a thrilling world of action, adventure and drama, with 29 rides to offer. From Sky Drop to Pendulum, Mixer, Tsunami and 360, to ZipLine, Gyro, Swinger, Giant Wheel, Carousels and Spiral Coasters, there’s something for everyone. Plus, Kids rides and more. Our Park is designed to bring out your wild side. Experience the ultimate in awesome – come to Wild Waters today!

Family Rides:

Craousel | Image Credit

Carousel – The carousel, also known as a merry-go-round, is a classic, timeless ride that can be enjoyed by all ages (90cm and above). It spins horizontally on a round track, adorned with regal decorations, horses, and chariots. A beloved and popular attraction, the carousel is perfect for family entertainment.

Aero Fighter – Experience the thrill of “flying” a plane with your family in a rocket-shaped cabin! Attached to the main rocket by pneumatic controlled arms, each cabin has its own console allowing riders to control their own movements up or down. As the ride begins, the arms are gently lifted and rotated at high speeds, providing an unforgettable and complete fun-filled ride!

Coffee Cups – Climb aboard one of the large, decorated teacups that surround the massive teapot for a thrilling triple-spinning experience! The cups rotate around the grand decanter, but you can make it even more exciting by turning the wheel in front of you and increasing your speed. The faster you turn, the more your cup will spin – creating a dizzying revolution!

Ocean Train – Experience the sea-themed Ocean Train, a trackless train with five compartments decorated with sea animals and electric operation. Enjoy a gentle ride around the park to take in the sights of the Water Park, amusement park and Adventure Park.

Kangaroo Jump – Riders can experience the vivid sensation of kangaroos jumping as they take a seat in the kangaroo’s belly. As the ride starts, passengers will feel like they are bouncing alongside the kangaroo, creating an exciting and thrilling journey.

Worm Coaster – Experience the thrill of the Worm Coaster! This family-friendly coaster takes you on a wild ride with crazy loops, sharp curves, and thrilling ascents and descents. Race around the track for an exciting and thrilling time!

Pirate Ship – A thrilling family ride, the Pirate Ship sees riders take off on a daring voyage, feeling as if they are sailing on a stormy sea. Swinging to and fro, the open-seated ship soars up to 200° at high speeds, giving a remarkable sensation.

Octopus – The Octopus is a thrilling ride for the entire family. Its name captures its shape perfectly: a large octopus with five arms hydraulically raised and lowered, creating a captivating, undulating motion that resembles a giant creature moving through the ocean.

Swinger – Experience an exhilarating ride as you sit in chairs suspended from a huge, mushroom-shaped canopy. The ride raises 8mtrs above ground and rotates in a circular motion, throwing you out with the mushroom head swiveling for a perfect wave-like sensation in the air – a thrilling ride for adults!

Wave Surfer – Experience the thrills of surfing in Hyderabad with a mechanical surf simulator. Test your surfing skills and see how you fare against the waves. With inflatable padded flooring, you can enjoy a safe and adventurous experience!

Spiral Jet | Image Credit

Spiral Jet – Ride a thrilling experience – check in to suspended seating and be thrown out sideways at high speeds as the ride rotates 360° horizontally. Feel the pneumatic arms synchronizing the centrifugal force of space travel as you soar in and out of the air.

Tagada Disco – Feel the thrill of Disco Tagada, a Crazy ride where guests are seated on a giant, cushiony saucer that rotates rapidly, causing bumps, twists and jolts like a speedboat on choppy waters. Go fast, go slow – the excitement never stops!

Kids Rides:

Jumbo Train | Image Credit

Jumbo Train – Kids can enjoy a fun ride on the Jumbo Train, an electric miniature train with four cabins. It moves in a steady, comfortable pace around an oval-shaped track.

Flying Bees – Kids can have a buzzing good time on the Rotary Bee ride, with Bee-shaped cabins spinning around in a circular motion as they move up and down. It’s like a wavy merry-go-round in a beautiful garden, giving kids the sensation of being a bee in flight!

Apache Ride – Experience the thrilling rotation of Apache Ride! The console-operated attraction features a uniform rotation of cockpit pods, with varying rises and falls that create an enjoyable ride.

Mini Pirate Ship – A thrilling ride, the Pirate Ship offers an unforgettable experience to the riders. Seated in an open vessel suspended from a pendulum, the ship swings back and forth, giving the sensation of sailing through a rough sea.

Mini Disco – Kids can experience the thrill of a mini disco, where they are seated on a mini, cushioned flying saucer that spins, resulting in sudden bumps, jolts, and jerks similar to a speedboat ride in rough waters. The ride offers a thrilling journey that change in speed, providing an exciting experience.

Ocean Walk – Ride the mystical sea on Ocean Walk, with cabins designed like beautiful mermaids, dolphins, conchs and other sea creatures! For kids, it’s like taking a dive into the sea, and playing with these enchanting creatures – a great source of amusement.

Ferris Wheel – Riding the Ferris Wheel offers a thrilling experience similar to the Giant Wheel, but on a smaller scale. The enclosed cabins, or gondolas, can hold two children and rotate 360 degrees, providing a majestic view of the park.

Flying Car – Kids can experience the exhilaration of “flying” with a car ride that consists of a car with wheels that roll along a track. As the ride starts, the car travels through swirling and twirling turns, creating the sensation of soaring through a windy tornado.

Frog Hopper | Image Credit

Frog Hopper – Jump like a frog on the Frog Hopper! Feel the rush of being lifted high up in the sky and then dropping back down as you bounce-bounce-bounce. Enjoy the exhilarating and safe experience of hopping up and down on this fun, small-sized tower.

Thrill Rides:

Pendulum – The Pendulum ride is an ultimate thrill offering an exciting experience for all. Suspended 40 feet above the ground, the ride features a vertical arm with a gondola attached at the base. As the ride cycle begins, the gondola rotates clockwise and then anti-clockwise while the arm swings through a wide arc at high speeds, reaching up to 180°-200°. The sensation of weightlessness while on this ride creates a feeling of being in outer space.

Zip Line – Experience the heart-pounding thrill of zipping from our 50 foot tall tower along a 700 foot long cable! Attached to a safety harness and pulley, riders will be securely strapped in as they soar through the sky. Weight restrictions apply.

Gyro Ride – If you have a yearning to soar, spin and somersault through the air, try taking a ride on the gyroscope. It will give you a thrilling experience, with its rolling, rocking, spinning and twirling motion, taking you head-over-tail.


Are you feeling famished and parched? Here’s your guide to the flavourful treats at the theme park.

Food Express:

This is a Multi-Cuisine Food Court to tantalize your taste buds with an array of delectable dishes. And to satisfy your thirst, it has got beverage counters and frozen delights with a selection of drinks and snacks.

Island Café:

Enjoy your day at the Water Park and grab a quick snack!

Adventure Café:

Enjoy the day with laughter, walking, running, jumping, and fun! Visit the Adventure Cafe located between the Amusement and Adventure parks for a tasty snack of your choice. Add some delicious bite-sized treats to your day of enjoyment!

Where to stay?

Wild Waters offers not only offers array of exciting rides it also offers an exceptional choice of accommodation.

The Palm Exotica Resort | Image Credit

At the Palm Exotica Boutique Resort & Spa, guests can choose from six different styles of accommodation, from pool villas to suites, all equipped with luxurious amenities and stunning views of the park and surrounding landscape. Relaxation is further enhanced by the various luxurious facilities available at the resort.

Wild Waters Hyderabad is an exciting destination for all ages. With its thrilling slides, rides, and water activities, it’s the perfect place to have a fun and exciting time. From the thrilling slides and rides to the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, Wild Waters offers something for everyone. Whether it’s a day of thrills or a relaxing day by the pool or an amazing place to stay, this is the ideal destination. With its convenient location, great customer service, and excellent facilities, Wild Waters Hyderabad is the perfect choice for a day of fun and entertainment.

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