15 Mesmerizing Waterfalls near Hyderabad

Looking for breathtaking waterfalls near Hyderabad? Look no further than this guide, which details the best waterfalls near the city

Waterfalls are a reminder of the incredible force of nature, and they can be truly breathtaking to behold. There is something about their majesty and serenity that is both captivating and calming.

So visiting a waterfall as a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hyderabad is a perfect option for you if you are looking out for a peaceful place to relax. These 15 mesmerizing waterfalls near Hyderabad are located within a few hours’ drive from the city, making them a popular destination for either weekend getaways or day trips.

#1. Ethipothala Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 165 kms

#2. Mallela Theertham Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 175 kms

#3. Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 203 kms

#4. Pochera Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 266 kms

#5. Gayatri waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 270 kms

#6. Kuntala Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 270 kms

#7. Bogatha Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 278 kms

#8. Sahastrakund waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 281 kms

#9. Kanakai waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 288 kms

#10. Kapila Theertham Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 560 kms

#11. Talakona Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 567 kms

#12. Kothapally waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 569 kms

#13. Tadimada Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 620 kms

#14. Kaigal Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 628 kms

#15. Katiki Waterfalls Distance from Hyderabad – 687 kms


#1. Ethipothala Waterfalls

Ethipothala Waterfalls Image credit

Ethipothala Waterfalls is a beautiful natural waterfall located in Palnadu District, Andhra Pradesh. The falls are formed by the River Chandravanka, which is a tributary of River Krishna and flows over a cliff at a height of 22 meters – 70 feet.

The Ethipothala Waterfall exists at the meeting point of three streams – the Chandravanka Vagu, the Tummala Vagu and the Nakkala Vagu. These rivers meet at a point called the Pothureddypadu and then flow over a cliff, creating a spectacular waterfall.

The setting of these falls is picturesque and offers a stunning view of the surrounding countryside and is a popular spot for picnics and photography.

Make sure to visit the crocodile breeding center and the temple of Lord Dattatreya at that place.

It is said that the name of these falls Ethipothala has come from the Telugu words “Ethu – Height and Potha – downpour”

Best time to visit these falls: Between October and March

Distance from Hyderabad: 165 kms

#2. Mallela Theertham Waterfalls

Mallela Theertham Waterfalls Image credit

Mallela Theertham waterfalls is a popular tourist destination located in the Nallamala Hills of Telangana, India. It is situated at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Srisailam, the famous Hindu pilgrimage center. The falls are accessible by going down 350 steps in the middle of the forest.

The waterfall is fed by a tributary of the Krishna River. It is surrounded by dense forests and is a popular spot. This spot is also considered holy as they say that rishis did penance for Lord Shiva here and the Lord appeared for them.

Best time to visit these falls: Between October and February

Distance from Hyderabad: 175 kms

#3. Bheemuni Padam Waterfalls

Bheemuni Padam Waterfalls | Image Credit

Bheemuni Padam Waterfalls is located in Seethanagaram Village of Mahabubabad in the state of Telangana. These waterfalls got their name from a rock in these falls which supposedly bears the footprint of Bheem, the 2nd of the Five Pandavas. Hence the name Bheema’s Feet.

If you are around these waterfalls during sunrise or sunset then you can see the colours of the rainbow being reflected in the water when the sun’s rays hits the water.

The other attraction at the falls is a cave that is supposedly 10 km long.

Best time to visit these falls: Between June to August

Distance from Hyderabad: 203 kms

#4. Pochera Waterfalls

Pochera Waterfalls | Image credit

At a distance of 47 kms from Adilabd are these beautiful plunge waterfalls, the Pochera Waterfalls formed by the tributary of River Godavari.

Unlike the other waterfalls in this area, there is excellent accessibility to these waterfalls. There is just a diversion of 5 kms from the National Highway and the road is well-maintained till you reach the waterfall.

Visit these waterfalls only during the monsoons else it is quite dry.

Best time to visit these falls: Between June to August

Distance from Hyderabad: 266 kms


#5. Gayathri waterfalls

Gayathri Waterfalls | Image credit

Gayathri Waterfalls is located at Tarnam Khurd Village in Adilabad District which is about 270 kms from Hyderabad.

These waterfalls are formed from the river Kadem, a tributary of River Godavari. These waterfalls are a popular tourist destination during the monsoons along with the other waterfalls, the Kuntala and Pochera Falls in this area.

These waterfalls are called Mukti Gundam by the locals and can be found in a pretty secluded place inside the forest.

This mesmerizing waterfall falls from a height of 100 ft straight into the valley creating a pool down below.

You can get into the pool and swim there.

Best time to visit these falls: Between June to August

Distance from Hyderabad: 270 kms

#6. Kuntala Waterfalls

Kuntala Waterfalls | Image Credit

These waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in the state of Telangana. These waterfalls cascade from a height of 150 feet on River Kadam, a tributary of River Godavari.

These waterfalls get their name from the term “Kuntalu” meaning “Many Ponds” in Telugu since these falls originate from a collection of many ponds on the River Kadam. It is also believed that these falls have been named after Shankuntala, wife of King Dushyanth, who supposedly had a bath here.

Earlier there was unhindered access to the waterfall but now the area has been cordoned off for safety

Best time to visit these falls: Between June to August

Distance from Hyderabad: 270 kms

#7. Bogatha Waterfalls

Bogatha Waterfalls | Image credit

Bogatha Falls, Telangana’s Niagra falls is located at Chekupelli, 120 kms from Bhadrachalam and 278 kms from Hyderabad.

Bogatha Falls is the second largest waterfall in Telangana and these waterfalls are a beautiful sight to behold, with the water cascading down the rocks in a series of steps.

Visitors can take in the stunning views of the falls from the watch towers nearby the place.


Check out another waterfall nearby called Muthyamdhara waterfalls.

The place is quite motorable but take food and water along with you since there are no eating joints nearby.

Best time to visit these falls: Between July and September

Distance from Hyderabad: 278 kms


#8. Sahastrakund waterfalls

Sahastrakund Waterfalls | Image credit

Sahastrakund waterfall is located on the border of Nanded and Yavatmal formed by the Painganga River, a major tributary of River Wardha.

Sahasrakund waterfalls are located at a distance of 100 km from Nanded and 281 kms from Hyderabad.

The road to this place fron Nanded is terrible and though the distance is just 100 kms, it can take up to 4 hours to reach.

Sahastrakund waterfalls can be pretty muddy during the monsoons. So you can’t take a dip or a bath. However, the landscape is extremely scenic and a must-visit place.

There are no restaurants or eating joints or hotels around this place. So you will have to take foodstuff along.

Make sure to visit the Lord Shiva temple in front of the waterfall.

Best time to visit these falls: Between August and October

Distance from Hyderabad: 281 kms

#9. Kanakai waterfalls

Kanakai Waterfalls | Image credit

Kanakai waterfalls is located in Girnur Village, Adilabad District in Telangana, and is formed by the Kadem river, a tributary of River Godavari.

These waterfalls are also known as Kanakadurga falls since there is a famous temple of Goddess Kanakadurga near these falls.

These waterfalls fall from a height of 30 feet from a cliff and form a pool at the bottom. A trek to the top of the cliff would be worth the effort as the view from the top is quite mesmerizing.

Best time to visit these falls: Between August and October

Distance from Hyderabad: 288 kms

#10. Kapila Theertham Waterfalls

Kapila Theertham Waterfalls | Image credit

Kapila Theertham is a waterfall located in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is situated near the town of Tirupati.

The water is said to be holy and has healing properties. Kapila Theertham is believed to be the place where Sage Kapila performed his penance.

The waterfalls here fall directly into the Kapila Theertham Temple. Devotees take a dip in these falls and go to have a darshan of the deity of Lord Shiva.

You can see the waterfall only during the monsoons.

Best time to visit these falls: Between July and September

Distance from Hyderabad: 560 kms

#11. Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Waterfalls | Image Credit

Talakona Waterfalls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. It is located in Chittoor district and is about 567 km from Hyderabad.

The waterfall is situated in the midst of the dense forests of the Eastern Ghats and is a part of the Sri Venkateswara National Park. The Talakona Waterfalls is about 270 feet high and is the highest waterfall in the state.

It is believed that these waterfalls have healing powers since these waters are quite enriched with medicinal herbs.

Make sure to visit the Lord Siddheswara Swamy Temple, which is located close to the waterfall.

Best time to visit these falls: Between July and September

Distance from Hyderabad: 567 kms

#12. Kothapally waterfalls

Kothapally Waterfalls | Image credit

Kothapally waterfalls are located at a distance of 70 kms from Aruku and about 45 kms from Lambasingi. These falls are pretty scenic during the monsoons and you can go all the way to the bottom of the waterfalls thanks to the steps there.

Make sure to carry food with you as there are no eating joints around

Make sure to eat Bamboo chicken which is the area’s speciality food and the only food available there and also visit the strawberry farms and the Coffee plantations near these waterfalls.

Best time to visit these falls: Between July and September

Distance from Hyderabad: 569 kms

#13. Tadimada Waterfalls

Tadimada Waterfalls Image credit

Tadimada waterfalls, also known as Anantagiri Waterfalls, is an amazing waterfall located near Anantagiri town in Vizag district of Andhra Pradesh. These waterfalls are at a distance of 30 km from Araku and 620 km from Hyderabad town.

These waterfalls are one of Araku’s top tourist attractions after Borra caves. Anantagiri Falls is about 100 feet tall and offers great views during monsoon season.

The road is quite motorable till Anantagiri town. Then you would need to trek for a distance of 3 kms to reach the waterfalls. But the effort would be totally worth it.

Best time to visit these falls: Between July and September

Distance from Hyderabad: 620 kms

#14. Kaigal Waterfalls

Kaigal Waterfalls Image credit

Kaigal waterfalls is located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, within the Koundinya Wildlife sanctuary.

These waterfalls get their name from the Kaigal village next to it.

However, these waterfalls are not perennial and can be seen in their glory only during the monsoons. So not too many people are seen visiting the place as these waterfalls do not have water during the months when there are no rains. 


Just check before you go. Sometimes the local police do not allow people to go inside the forest area.

Best time to visit these falls: Between July and September

Distance from Hyderabad: 628 kms

#15. Katiki Waterfalls

Katiki Waterfalls | Image credit

Katiki Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vizag. It is located in the middle of a dense forest and is surrounded by greenery. It is close to Borra caves and about 687 kms from Hyderabad.

The Falls is about 50 feet high and is a beautiful sight to behold. The best time to visit the Falls is during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak.

But remember reaching close to the falls is quite a task. You need to hire a Jeep to take you close to the falls and then you need to walk about 1.5 kms to reach the waterfalls and then walk up some stairs. So if you are not fit enough then this experience might leave you exhausted.

Best time to visit these falls: Between July and September

Distance from Hyderabad: 687 kms

So there you have it: our list of the 15 most beautiful waterfalls near Hyderabad for swimming, picnicking, or just plain old fun! 

We hope you get a chance to check out some of these amazing natural wonders and make some great memories while you’re at it.

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