Experience the Historic Beauty of Tank Bund

Discover the History and Grandeur of Tank Bund Road

Tank Bund Hyderabad is an iconic landmark in the city of Hyderabad. The Tank Bund structure serves to dam Hussain Sagar lake on the eastern side and links the two cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

The Hussain Sagar Lake which is an artificial man-made lake is equally famous in this city and was built even before the city of Hyderabad was founded. This lake was built in 1578 during Ibrahim Qtub Shah’s reign and was supervised by Khaja Hussain Shah Wali, his son-in-law. 

Tank Bund Road has become a popular tourist destination due to its 34 statues of notable figures from the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. These 34 bronze statues have been artfully crafted and mounted on tall platforms by the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N. T. Rama Rao, to pay tribute to those who played a pivotal role in the growth of Hyderabad and Telugu culture.

Sculptures of Sri Krishnadevaraya, Nannaya, Tikkana, Yerrapragada, Annamayya, Alluri Seetharama Raju, Raghupathi Venkataratnam Naidu, Molla, and Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Chowdary are some of the prominent figures represented.

The Buddha Statue in the middle of Hussain Sagar Lake | Hussain Sagar Lake, located around Tank Bund Road, is home to a monolith statue of Gautam Buddha in its centre. This statue is said to be one of the largest monoliths in the world.

The view of the lake from Tank Bund | Snow World on that road. Snow World is one of the most popular amusement parks in the city and a great place to enjoy sledding, snowboarding, tubing, and even ice skating. The park has a variety of rides and activities to keep you and your children entertained.

Tank Bund is situated in a great spot. To the south, the area is home to the Secretariat buildings, Lumbini Park, NTR Gardens, and Hyderabad Boat Club. On the other side, the northern part houses Hazrat Saidani Ma Saheba tomb, Sanjeevaiah Park, and Secunderabad Sailing Club. You can also go and visit Birla Mandir when you go to Tank Bund.

Tank Bund Road, a treasured landmark in Hyderabad, connecting Hyderabad and Secunderabad is an important part of the cityscape of Hyderabad, and the vibrant culture on the road makes it a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike.

Note: Tank Bund tends to be shut for vehicular traffic on Sundays making it pedestrian friendly.

Musical Fountain on the Hussain Sagar: There is a spectacular musical floating fountain on Hussain Sagar Lake measuring 180 meters in length and 90 meters in height.

The musical floating fountain boasts an array of unique features, including three sets of lasers for various displays, a mist fairy fog for a cloud effect with music, and 800 jet nozzles, and 880 underwater LED lights to make a dynamic show. All of these components are programmed through a DMX controller to sync with the music.

The HMDA will hold three 20-minute performances on weekdays and four on weekends, all in the evening between 7 pm and 10 pm

  1. Check out the lake as the sun sets. It’s quite a sight.
  2. Take a boat at Lumbini Park and go around the Buddha Statue and have a look.
  3. There are a lot of eating joints on Necklace Road. Go and try them out. By the way Necklace road is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks and is the main arterial road that encircles Hussain Sagar Lake. It is constructed similarly to the Queen’s Necklace of Mumbai, resembling a necklace in its design.
  4. Watch the show of the country’s largest musical fountain on the Hussain Sagar

Remember to carry a mask with you. The lake is quite polluted and can smell at times.


Tank Bund Road,
Telangana, 500004

Entry Fees:

Free – No Entry Fees


Tank Bund Road is open all the time

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