Discover the Hidden Gem of Hyderabad: Shamirpet Lake

Go and Treat Yourself to a Picnic by The Glistening Waters of Shamirpet Lake

Shamirpet Lake is a picturesque lake located about 25 km from Secunderabad. For visitors coming to Hyderabad and Secunderabad, it is a lake worth visiting once if you have the time and inclination for a picnic with family or friends.

This man-made lake was constructed over 50 years ago during the reign of the Nizam. The Jagirdar of Shamirpet was responsible for digging the lake for providing water to the nearby areas.
The local Telugu name for Shamirpet Lake is ‘Pedda Cheruvu’, which translates to ‘big lake’.
Shamirpet Lake is a great spot for a family picnic. Since there are limited food options available, it’s best to bring your own snacks and meals. Enjoy the scenic views while spending a few hours with your loved ones.

Of course, there are a lot of local dhabas nearby but then you will have to leave the vicinity of the lake and drive down to eat

This lake in Hyderabad offers captivating scenery, unlike any other tourist attraction. Though you will not find too many conveniences around here, visitors can find solace in the vast greenery, tranquil waters, and a plethora of birds. In fact, Shamirpet Lake is quite well known for bird watching.

For the best bird-watching experience, you should visit Shamirpet lake from November to February, as this is the prime time to spot a variety of migratory birds. If you are lucky you will get to spot herons, flamingos, pelicans and kingfishers.

The lake is also a great place to watch the sunset. You can also go boating at the lake which is an ideal way to experience the beauty of the lake. Sharmirpet lake is quite a popular spot for photographers too. It provides stunning photography opportunities, with its birds soaring overhead and the glistening silver water below.

After visiting the lake you also have the option to go and stay at nearby resorts like the Leonia Resort or the Celebrity Resort or the Aalankritha resorts. All these resorts are amazing and definitely worth a visit. There is a resort that is run by the Government – Shamirpet Haritha Lake resort. But this resort is very badly maintained and it is better to avoid this place.

You can also visit the nearby Jawahar Deer Park also known as the Sharmirpet Deer Park. This park is spread over 55 acres and has more than 100 deer in its environs. The park also has a butterfly park. The deer park is open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Thanks to Jawahar Deer Park you can sometimes witness a herd of deer quenching their thirst at the lake’s edge which can be quite captivating.

This lake and the nearby area have a lot of potential. However, it is saddening to note that the Government has not taken any action to preserve Shamirpet Lake and its surroundings. The area is deprived of basic amenities such as garbage bins, drinking water, and public toilets.

Near Shamirpet lake, educational institutes such as NALSAR University of Law, Institute of Public Enterprise and Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani – Hyderabad Campuses can be found.

Note of caution: The lake has sharp rocks and weeds. There have been a lot of drowning incidents in this lake. People who have gone swimming have got stuck in the weeds and drowned. So it’s better to stay away from the water and not go swimming.


The lake is open all around the clock but avoid going after dark

Entry Fees:

It is free to enter the lake area.

Transport Facilities:

There are not too many options of public transport other than the bus service. So you will have to catch a state road transport bus to reach the place. The lake is about 1 km away from the bus stop.
Else you would need to come in a cab or use your own means of transport and come in a car or a bike

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