History and Significance of Secunderabad Clock Tower

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Why should you visit the Secunderabad Clock Tower?

  • The tower is an excellent example of British colonial architecture.
  • This tower is one of the oldest historical landmarks in the twin city of Secunderabad.
  • The Secunderabad Clock Tower is a must-visit for anyone interested in history or architecture.
  • The Secunderabad Clock Tower has UNESCO Heritage Status and definitely deserves more attention.
  • It is also one of the tallest clock towers in India, standing at over 120 feet tall. The tower is located in the heart of Secunderabad, making it easy to reach by public transport.

History of the Secunderabad Clock Tower:

The iconic Secunderabad Clock Tower stands in the middle of a traffic island, seen right when you enter the city of Secunderabad from the Secunderabad Railway Station. 

It was built in the year 1896 by the British Government, in a European architectural style to honor the progress made by the British officers when building the city of Secunderabad. 

This clock tower stands on a square base plate with twin semi-circular arch heads with a keystone in the center on all four sides of the clock tower. 

The surface of this structure is treated with ashlar masonry, typical of most European structures.

The clock tower is 120 feet high and was constructed in a park that was initially 10 acres and the clock was donated by Dewan Bahadur Seth Lachmi Narayan Ramgopal, a local businessman.

The park has a martyr’s memorial too, which was built in memory of the first police firing in 1969 during the Telangana agitation of that time.

In an effort to modernize the city, the 10-acre park is now reduced to a few square yards of land where this clock tower now stands.

Though a substantial amount was spent by the government to renovate this tower with landscaped lawns and hedges, and a waterfall, the clocks on this Secunderbad’s iconic clock tower stopped working a long time back.

Standing tall amidst the chaotic traffic, this heritage structure has been forgotten by people and stands neglected. It’s time that we make this clock tower a part of Hyderabad’s history again.

The Secunderabad Clock Tower is not just a historical landmark, but also an important cultural icon in the city. The tower has been a witness to the changing times and has become a symbol of the rich heritage of Secunderabad.

The clock tower is a popular meeting spot for locals and tourists alike and is often used as a reference point for giving directions. The tower is also featured in many postcards, paintings, and photographs that capture the essence of Secunderabad.

The architecture of the tower is designed in a European style | Image credit

Entry Fees and Timings:

There is no entry fee to enter this park, and you can visit this monument at any time. However, it’s better to go during the day to admire this structure.


Q: What is the history of the Secunderabad Clock Tower?

A: The Secunderabad Clock Tower was built in 1896 by the British to honor the progress made by the British officers when building the city of Secunderabad. 

Q: How tall is the clock tower?

A: The clock tower stands at a height of 120 feet, which is equivalent to approximately 12 stories.

Q: What is the architectural style of the clock tower?

A: The Secunderabad Clock Tower is a fine example of Victorian architecture. It has a rectangular base and a tower that rises above it. The tower has four clocks, one on each side, and a small dome at the top.

Q: What are some attractions nearby this landmark tower?

A: St. Mary’s Church: Located near the clock tower, St. Mary’s Church is a beautiful example of colonial architecture and is one of the oldest churches in the city. Moula Ali Dargah on the top of a hill called the Moula Ali Hill is another place you should visit.

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