Raymond’s Tomb – A Serene Final Resting Place of a French General

Raymond's Tomb is a monument located in Hyderabad built in memory of Michel Joachim Marie Raymond, a French General who served in the court of the 2nd Nizam of Hyderabad. The monument is built like a Grecian temple with 28 pillars and has an obelisk next to it.
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Why is Raymond’s tomb worth a visit?

  • Raymond’s tomb is a must-visit for anyone interested in Hyderabad’s rich history. 
  • The tomb is the final resting place of Michel Raymond, a French general who served in Hyderabad’s army during the 18th century. 
  • The tomb is an impressive structure, built like a Grecian temple with 28 pillars and has an obelisk next to it.
  • The tomb, located on top of a hill, offers panoramic views of the city.

History of Raymond’s Tomb.

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Raymond’s tomb belongs to Michel Joachim Marie Raymond, a French General, who was the controller of ordinances under Nizam Ali Khan, the 2nd Nizam. 

He was a French deserter from the Second Mysore War and had arrived in Hyderabad in 1792 with just 300 men and armed with hired guns. 

He promised the Nizam that under his command, Hyderabad’s army could defeat any force, European or Indian, and steadily increased his troop numbers. By 1795, he had under his command 15,000 infantry and artillery officered by Frenchmen.

Raymond was extremely influential with the Nizam, especially after he succeeded in putting down a revolt by the Nizam’s younger son, Ali Jah. He was given two Persian titles-“Azdhar e-Jang” meaning the Dragon of War, and “Mutahwar ul-Mulk” meaning the Bravest in the State.

He founded several cannon and cannonball factories in the city of Hyderabad and is best known for the establishment of the foundry in the area called Gunfoundry near Abids in Hyderabad.

Monsieur Raymond was also called Musa Ram by the Hindu troops and Musa Rahim by the Muslim troops and was so popular among the locals that an area in Hyderabad was named after him, “Moosarambagh”, where his tomb currently lies on top of a hillock.

The 225-year-old tomb is 7 meters high with a conical black granite tombstone and has a 28-pillared open pavilion resembling a Grecian temple with an obelisk seen next to the tomb. The tombstone has the initials JR inscribed on it.

It’s rumoured that Raymond was poisoned because he was getting quite popular with the Nizam and wanted the Nizam to ally with the French instead of the British. 

Every year, till the last Nizam left for Australia, the Nizams would send to his tomb a box of cheroots and a bottle of beer on the 25th of March, Raymond’s death anniversary.

Sadly, this archeological structure is quite neglected today and it is lying in a state of despair.


The entry to his tomb is through a gate which is found locked most of the time and the watchman missing. You may have to jump the gate to have a look at the tomb. But the effort would be totally worth it


There are no timings associated with this monument.

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