History and Significance of Peddamma Temple

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Why visit Peddamma Temple?

  • Peddamma Temple is dedicated to Goddess Peddamma, who is also known as the ‘Mother of All Goddesses’and is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.  
  • The temple is over 150 years old and is one of the most important temples in the city.
  • This Temple is one of the most popular temples in Hyderabad. Every year, thousands of devotees visit the temple to offer their prayers and seek the blessings of the deity.
  • The temple is situated in Jubilee Hills, the heart of the city, and is easily accessible from all parts of Hyderabad. 
  • The temple is well-known for its unique architecture and is a must-visit for all those who are interested in Indian temples.

About Peddamma Temple

Peddamma Temple is a very beautiful and grand temple. It is built in the Dravidian style of architecture and has a lot of intricate carvings. The temple has a high gopuram which is very impressive. The deity in Peddamma temple is dedicated to Goddess Peddamma, an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, and the deity is seen sitting on a lion “Simhavasini”.

The origins of the Peddamma Temple can be traced back to the 19th century, during the reign of the Nizams of Hyderabad. It is believed that the temple was built by the local villagers in the area, who were devout followers of the goddess Peddamma. Over time, the temple gained popularity, and devotees from different parts of the city started flocking to the temple to seek blessings and offer prayers.

However, the original temple structure was a small, nondescript building, which was later renovated and expanded to its current form. The temple underwent significant renovations during the early 1990s, which transformed it into the grand structure that we see today.

The current temple complex also has a number of other shrines of Goddess Laxmi, Vigneshwara, Maa Saraswati, and Naga Devata.

There is a separate hall for Annadhanam and Prasadam inside the temple and you can also get different pujas done here like abhisheka or kumkum archana etc for a separate fee

The temple is very popular among tourists and pilgrims. Every year, millions of people visit the temple to offer their prayers and take part in the various festivals and ceremonies and is quite popular during the festivals of Bonalu, Rathotsavam, and Mahotsavam. The festivities, celebrations, and decorations during these periods are an amazing spectacle and are not to be missed.


It is believed that if you place a coin vertically at the entrance of the temple near the mandapam and make a wish and if the coin stands vertically, your wish is granted.

It is also believed that a visit to this temple gives you a lot of peace and prosperity


  1. If you want to avoid the crowd then avoid going on Fridays and on festivals. 
  2. You have the option of buying a darshan ticket to beat the crowd.
  3. You need to dress appropriately to enter the temple. No shorts allowed.


Q: What is the best time to visit Peddamma Temple?

A: The temple is open throughout the year, but the best time to visit is during Navratri when the temple is decorated and celebrates the festival with great fervor.

Q: Is there an entry fee to visit the temple?

A: No, there is no entry fee to visit the temple.

Q: What are the timings of the temple?

A: The temple is open from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM on all days of the week.

Q: What is the dress code for visiting the temple?

A: There is no strict dress code for visiting the temple, but it is recommended to dress modestly and avoid wearing revealing clothes.

Q: Are there any nearby attractions to visit?

A: Yes, there are several attractions near the Peddamma Temple, such as the KBR National Park, the Durgam Cheruvu Lake, and the Hyderabad Botanical Gardens.

Q: Is photography allowed inside the temple?

A: Photography is allowed inside the temple, but it is recommended to take permission from the authorities before taking pictures.


Peddamma Gudi

Road no 55, Jubilee Hills,

Hitech City Road

Hyderabad 500033

Nearest Metro Station:

Peddamma Gudi Metro Station 

Entry Fees



Monday to Saturday

6:00 AM – 1:00 PM

3:00 PM – 8:00 PM


6:00 AM – 8:30 PM

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