Discover the Rich History and Culture of Hyderabad at the Nizam Museum

Get to Know the Glorious Past of Hyderabad at the Nizam Museum

The Nizam’s Museum | Image Credit

The Nizam’s Museum in Hyderabad is one of the oldest but not so-renowned museums in India. This museum is an oft-overlooked gem. Managed by the Nizam’s family, it may not look grand from the outside, but it houses an impressive collection. The museum is located in Purani Haveli in the Purani Haveli area of Hyderabad and is home to a vast and impressive collection of artifacts. It displays the presents bestowed on the 25th anniversary of the last Nizam of Hyderabad State, Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII.

The museum houses a collection of souvenirs, presents, and keepsakes gifted to the last Nizam in 1936 on the celebrations of the 25th anniversary, You will find a lot of silver models of Hyderabad’s iconic buildings, accompanied by Urdu citations about each one.

On 18 February 2000, the Nizam Trust opened the museum to the public. Visiting Nizam’s Museum is a worthwhile experience. This collection of mementos, gifts, and souvenirs gives a fascinating insight into the rule of the Nizams in Hyderabad from the 19th to the 20th century and the significant development they brought to the city of Hyderabad.

To commemorate the 25-year rule of the seventh Nizam, Osman Ali Khan in 1936, a Jubilee Pavilion Hall was erected at the Public Gardens Hyderabad to celebrate the milestone. The Nizam was presented with a lot of mementos, models, and presentations at the Jubilee celebrations, which form the majority of the items on view. Additionally, other gifts given to him by his admirers over the years are also on display at Nizam’s museum.
The Nizam also established the Jubilee Pavilion Trust to ensure the upkeep of the museum and its contents.

The Nizam Museum boasts an array of rare and exquisitely crafted mementos, with its major attraction being the golden throne used during the silver jubilee celebrations of the Last Nizam. Visitors can also view the golden model of the pavilion, diamond-inlaid gold Tiffin-box, paintings of Mir Osman Ali Khan, wooden writing box adorned with mother-of-pearl, daggers studded with diamond and gold, caskets, and much more.

Display of silver ittardans (perfume containers) presented by the Raja of Palvancha, silver coffee cups studded with diamonds, a silver filigree elephant with mahout, and a replica of a tree with Lord Krishna playing, all made of silver, are also on show.

A silver filigree elephant | Image Credit

At the museum, admirers can view three vintage vehicles: a 1930 Rolls-Royce, a Packard and a Jaguar Mark V. Also on display is the wardrobe of the sixth nizam, considered to be the world’s longest walk-through wardrobe at 176 ft. and a one-of-a-kind item. Additionally, visitors can witness a 150-year-old manually operated lift and 200-year-old proclamation drums.

The world’s longest walk-through wardrobe | Image Credit

The sixth Nizam of Hyderabad is renowned for never wearing the same attire twice, donating his garments to others after wearing them once. A section of the wardrobe has been dedicated to his clothing, based on photographs and accounts. Additionally, costumes of other men, women, and children of the city have been showcased in another section.

The Museum building in a bad shape | Image Credit

The Nizam’s Palace as a testament to the artistic and architectural accomplishments of the Asaf Jah rulers. Nevertheless, neglect has taken its toll on this grand palace. The building has not been maintained well. The Trust should take action to ensure the building is properly maintained in order to preserve the culture and history of the Nizams. Neglecting its upkeep could lead to a deterioration of the historic significance of the site.

The Nizam Museum in Hyderabad with its vast collection of artifacts and artwork is an incredibly valuable resource for learning about the culture and history and the lifestyle of the Nizams. This Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in exploring and learning about the city of Hyderabad.


Nizam Museum
Purani Haveli Palace,
Old City,
Purani Haveli
Telangana – 500002

Contact Number:

040 2452 1029

Entry Fees:

Rs 100 per Adult
Rs 15 per Child
Rs 150 for Mobile / Still Camera
Rs 500 for Video Camera


10:00 am – 5:00 pm on all days except Fridays
The museum is closed on Fridays

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