Lamakaan – A Cultural Space for Everyone

Lamakaan is a very popular place in Hyderabad for its open cultural space | Image credit

Why should you visit Lamakaan?

  • Lamakaan is a unique and special open cultural space located in Banjara Hills that is definitely worth visiting. 
  • It has an open-air auditorium and public space that hosts a variety of events, including music concerts, dance performances, workshops, theatre, and more. 
  • The atmosphere is always lively and vibrant, and it’s a great place to meet new people and experience different cultures. 
  • This place is also a great spot for simply relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Lamakaan provides a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, and is a great place to enjoy the company of friends and family.
  • The cost of the food in the canteen is extremely reasonable, and the taste is definitely something to write home about. 

About Lamakaan:

Lamakaan was founded by Ashhar Farhan, Humera Ahmed, Biju Mathew, and Elahe Hiptoola in the year 2010. They wanted a place for politically and culturally relevant art. In Farhan’s words, “A space for intimate culture to happen.”

The founders L to R – Elahe Hiptoola, Ashhar Farhan, Humera Ahmed, Biju Mathew | Image credit

The place where Lamkaan is housed belonged to Farhan’s uncle Hassan, and this house became the setting for an informal cultural hub for creative folks to meet and greet.

They decided to work around the natural architecture of the house and not alter much of the topography. Today, Lamakaan is known for its open-door policy for all kinds of artists to showcase their performances. It has a stage that hosts a lot of live performances in theater, music, dance, and comedy.

As a cultural and political space, Lamkaan has certain rules, like:

  1. The events here need to be open to all and cannot be “by invitation” only.
  2. If the event is free for the attendees, then rent is not charged.
  3. The cost of the ticket for any event cannot be higher than Rs 200. If the event is a paid one then the rent for the event depends on the cost of the ticket.
  4. No events with government or corporate sponsorship are allowed to ensure that there is independence and zero interference from the government or corporates.
Most of the events held here are free | Image credit

What to try here:

  1. Check out the notice board. Lots of interesting plays and concerts are held here. You might be lucky enough to watch a gem.
  2. And the food in the canteen here is to die for – Rs 100 in your pocket will take you far. Try their chai, samosa, Katti dal and Roti, Nimbu Pani, and coffee. The prices are extremely reasonable and the dishes quite tasty.


Parking would be a challenge for 4-wheelers. The best option is to park at Vengal Rao Nagar Park or on road no 3/5 near the Devarkonda Basti and walk down about 300 mts.

What to do next?

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