Ikea Hyderabad – A Store That Has Everything That You Want And Need At Home

Ikea Hyderabad is a popular store for home furnishings and accessories. The store offers a wide range of products, from furniture to kitchenware, and is known for its affordable prices. Ikea Hyderabad is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, and is a great place to visit.

Why visit the Ikea Store?

  • The Ikea store in Hyderabad is a must-visit for anyone who loves shopping for home furnishings and decor. 
  • The store has a wide range of products, from furniture to kitchenware to home accessories, at very reasonable prices.
  • And if you’re looking for inspiration for your home, this store is definitely worth a visit. With its stylish showrooms and customer-friendly staff, it’s the perfect place to get some ideas for your next home project.
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It is located at Raidurg, Hi-Tech City, and is easily accessible by public transport.


10 am to 9 pm 

Nearest Metro Station

If you are coming using the Metro, then the nearest station is Raidurg Station. Ikea is just about 500 metres from the station.

Hej!! The Swedish term for “hello”

Welcome to Ikea…

If you’re looking for a great shopping experience, you’ll definitely want to check out the Hyderabad store! This place is massive, built on a sprawling 13 acres space with a built-up area of 4 lac sq ft, and has everything you could ever need for your home. From furniture to kitchenware to home decor, you’ll find it all here. Plus, the prices are very reasonable.

The store is set up so that you can browse through all the different sections at your own pace. There are helpful and customer-friendly employees located throughout the store if you need assistance.  One amazing feature you need to check out at their store is their themed rooms. Looking at those rooms can give you a sense of space and an idea to plan your rooms accordingly in your house. You will realize that you don’t need a lot of space in your house to accommodate essentials, and on top of it, your home can look absolutely beautiful.

You also have the option of ordering items online in case you don’t feel like visiting the store. Alternatively, you can also order online and go to the store to pick up the items. This click-and-pick option is totally feasible if you have an idea about their products and it can save you a lot of time and delivery charges.

The store tends to get pretty crowded on weekends. So it’s better to visit the store on weekdays if you can.

If you get hungry while shopping, there’s a cafe located inside the store. It’s a 1000-seater cafe with pretty decent selections and large portions that are reasonably priced.

Check out their chicken meatballs and the dessert options on their menu. Lip-smacking I would say.

And if you are with kids and looking for a place to take them to burn off some energy, or just want a fun place to play yourself, Ikea’s Smaland is the place for you! The play area is designed for children ages 3–12 and features plenty of activities to keep them entertained. There’s a large climbing structure with slides, a ball pit, a play kitchen, and more. Or you can leave your kids there and shop to your heart’s content.

And Smaland too is open from 10 am. 

Just a friendly warning 🙂

It would be a great idea to leave your wallet at home because you would want to splurge on literally any item on display. The price tag makes you feel that you do have a need for the item at home. 


  1. The store tends to get pretty crowded on weekends. So it’s better to visit the store on weekdays if you can.
  2. Else plan to visit the store at 10 am itself to avoid the crowd.
  3. Choose the click-and-pick option to save delivery charges and time.

Hyderabad Ikea Website

Click here to access Ikea Hyderabad website

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