History and Significance of Gulzar Houz

History of Gulzar Houz. Hyderabad

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To the north of Charminar, when you are coming towards Charminar from Madina Building, you will find a circular fountain right in the middle of the road, which is known as Gulzar Houz.

In the 16th century, four arches to the north of Charminar were built, along with the Charminar in the 1890s, known as Char Kamaan. (Kamaan meaning Arches). These Kamaans are the Kali Kamaan, Machli Kamaan, Seher-e-Batil ki Kamaan and Charminar Kamaan.

At the center of these arches a fountain, octagonal in shape, with 4 channels dividing each road into 2 parts was built by Mir Momin Astarabadi, the first prime minister under Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah.

The 4 channels were called Char Su Ka—”The Cistern of the four directions,” and these channels symbolized the 4 canals in Jannat -“Heaven”.

  • Canals of Pure Water,
  • Canals of Pure Milk,
  • Canals of Pure Honey
  • Canals of Pure Wine.

This fountain with four streams flowing through it, was built to quench the thirst of the soldiers. 

Today, that octagonal fountain has become round and the name Char Su Ka over time was later known as “Suka-Hauz” and then was called “Gulzar Houz”.

In spite of getting a facelift and restoration in 2016, Gulzar Houz still looks neglected and uncared for. It is sad that a 400-year-old historical fountain is in a sad state in spite of its rich history.

Gulzar Houz is in a neglected state today Image source

Entry Cost & Timings:

There is no entry fees or timings to visit this historic Gulzar Houz fountain. You can stop your vehicle and see it on your way to Charminar.

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