Say Goodbye to Your Furry Friend in the Most Respectful Way Possible

Hyderabad’s First Pet Crematorium

A crematorium for pets has been opened at Nagole, Hyderabad

If you’ve recently lost a beloved pet, you’re likely feeling an immense sense of grief and loss. It’s only natural to want to give them a dignified and respectful send-off – and for many, that means cremation. When you lose a pet, you want to ensure that their passing is honored with a respectful, dignified ceremony. And yet there has been no pet cremation facility available in Hyderabad till now.

Well, not anymore.

A pet cremation facility opened up at Fathullaguda near Nagole on December 6 2022 and this facility provides pet owners with a dignified and respectful way to grieve and honor the life of their companion.

People for Animals, an Animal Welfare Organisation recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India, and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation – GHMC have collaborated to create this crematorium.

Crematorium at Fathullaguda, Nagole | Pic Courtesy: GHMC

“In a city like Hyderabad which has a high pet population, there are only a few places that provide some space to bury pets. We’ve seen people struggle to bury their pets, which is why we came up with this initiative. It took over two years of hard work and we are glad the facility is finally opening on Tuesday,” said Dr. Amulya, Chief Operating Officer of People For Animals.

GHMC has constructed this LPG-based crematorium on a 3-acre plot of land, in accordance with the guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board and they have ensured that the area will be smoke-free, with LPG as the fuel for incinerating and disposing of small and medium-sized animals. The machinery setup cost was in excess of Rs 1 crore.

The cremation services will be done at a minimal donation and the proceeds of the same will be used by People for Animals (PFA) for their rescue services.
Once the cremation is complete, pet parents will receive the ashes, and can opt to plant a sapling with the ashes in memory of their beloved pet.

It is important for pet owners to consider providing their beloved companions with the dignified end-of-life experience that a pet cremation service offer. Not only does it make the process easier on them and their family, but it provides a more respectful funeral for the pet. It also provides a loving way to pay tribute to a beloved pet after they have passed away.
It can help people to cope with the loss of their pet by providing them a place for mourning and closure and also offer a way for people to create a permanent memorial for their pet when a sapling is planted and commemorate their life in a unique and special way.


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